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The Land Smart Community wants to help land owners use their land to maximize the benefit to their family, their customers, and the community of wildlife that may inhabit the land.

This website contains information for rural land owners, inner-city land owners, and land owners in city suburbs. We are creating articles containing a spectrum of ideas that help owners save money, save time, improve property revenues, or increase property value. We organize the articles and page links into three categories:

(1) Common and uncommon uses of land and real estate
(2) Real Estate Markets at the state, county and city level within the United States
(3) Real Estate Transactions: processes and common problems

The land use section provides ideas on potential uses of land and real estate property. The markets section provides information on how buyers and sellers value real estate. The transactions section helps land owners learn many procedures and general costs of common land transactions.

We include general information within this website. You should consider professional service agents to help you make informed decisions if unknown variables affect your land and real estate property decisions.

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