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Written by Greg   

This review of Apartment Housing includes Duplex and Triplex properties. We define some property factors used by property owners who decide whether to manage residential property as Apartment Homes versus selling the property as homes, condominiums, townhouses, or other uses. We look at the revenues provided by apartment residents, the associated costs, and some variables that improve rent rates and occupancy rates.

Apartment Class

General Size

Unit Parking

Rent Range

Total Market

% Vacant ***

Studio / 1 Bath500 sq ft1+ spaceVaries **XXX unitsX %
1 Bedroom / 1 Bath700 sq ft1+ spaceVaries **X,XXX unitsXX %
2 Bedroom / 2 Bath900 sq ft1+ spaceVaries **X,XXX unitsXX %
3 Bedroom / 2 Bath1100 sq ft2+ spaceVaries **X,XXX unitsXX %
4 Bedroom / 3 Bath1900 sq ft2+ spaceVaries **XXX unitsX %

Cost Types

Costs Due

# Units

Cost / Unit

%V Ratio

Adj. Cost/Unit

Property Acquisition Costs
Building Improvement Costs
Owner's Pre-Lease Carrying Costs
Monthly Mortgage with Taxes Costs
Monthly Operating Costs
Monthly Maintenance Costs
Property Marketing Costs

**Rental Rates Vary by Market Conditions.
We are currently researching rental rates to display some sample rental rate that effect a majority of markets.
***We are currently investigating options to compute a general vacancy figure for specific real estate markets. If we can not compute realistic numbers here, we may decide to omit this data.
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