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Written by Greg   

This is a review of Condominium properties and the market for condominium developers. We define some decision factors important to property owners who decide whether to build condominium properties or convert apartment buildings to condominiums. We look at revenues provided by property sales, costs of selling property, associated costs of ownership, and description of variables that improve condominium facilities for potential condominium buyers.

Condominium Class

General Size


Recent Sales Range

Units Listed


% S/L

Studio500 sq ft1+ space Varies **
1 Bedroom700 sq ft1+ space Varies **
2 Bedroom900 sq ft2+ spacesVaries **
3 Bedroom1100 sq ft2+ spacesVaries **
4 Bedroom1900 sq ft2+ spacesVaries **

Cost Types

Costs Due

# Units

Cost / Unit

%V Ratio

Adj. Cost/Unit

Property Acquisition Costs
Building Improvement Costs
Owner's Carrying Costs
Property Maintenance Costs
Property Marketing Costs
Selling Transaction Costs

** Property Values Vary by Market Conditions.
We are currently researching property values to display some sample values that effect a majority of markets.  
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